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We Fmcg & consumer durable hr consultant have for long been catering consultant services to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector which is maybe the fastest growing in the economy these days.

As far as manpower requirement is apprehensive, the task for the manpower consultant for fmcg industry is clearly cut out. Faced with demanding customers, they are forced to raise their standards. We provides Consistent high quality service

We as Consumer Durable Placement Consultants are committed to offering consistently high quality management services in a time and cost effective way to its customers.


Our relationship with our clients is long term. If we talk about jobs in FMCG sector then this field has various salary ranges but pretty competitive and clear chance for career development.

Demand for high quality talent

There is an incessant demand for high quality talent in the FMCG sector. There is simmering of expert from the FMCG sector, not only within the sector but also by companies from sectors such as telecom, textiles, pharmaceuticals and automobiles. From all tendencies it appears that this trend is likely to continue. Improved client retention rates are what most fmcg placement consultant in India seeks to set up. This gives them the trust to offer professionals who will excel in the trade.